Barska Binocular Review – What’s their range like?

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barska binoculars

Welcome to this guide where we will be taking you through a Barska Binocular Review on the different types of optics they have in their range. Before we dive into that here’s a little bit of background on the company first.

Recognized recently in 1994, Barska has rapidly established itself as a leading sports optics organization with a robust brand specifically within the industry. Barska has their main corporate office in La Verne, CA, European offices in Brussels, Belgium, and distribution centres and warehouses in Shanghai,China as well as in La Verne.

/1000 yds
Blackhawk Binoculars
Fully Multi -coated
Barska 10×25 Binocular
Fully Coated
Barska 8×32 Binocular
Fully Multi-coated
Barska Deep Sea 7×50 Binocular
Fully Multi-coated
Barska 10 – 30×50 Gladiator Zoom Binocular
Ruby multi-coated

Barska production exactitude sports optics which includes spotting scopes, rifles, copes, binoculars, and telescopes. It uses the modern-day optical technological methods and techniques in all their products. 

Their most outdoor used binoculars include wildlife observation, bird watching, fishing, marine, stargazing, concerts, hunting, and sporting events.

A lot of their products, particularly binoculars are aimed at the cheap end of the market, but lately, they have started manufacturing optical equipment of higher quality, that is palpable in the Barska 8×42 and 10×42 Storm EX Binoculars. 

What does Barska offer? – Most popular product series

Barska offers a great variety of binoculars with the use of latest advancements in technology in sports optics.

Barska binoculars are used outdoors to view stars, wild, and even aquatic species as they have specially designed models for celestial, terrestrial, and aquatic viewings. With the help of best technology, Barska lenses produce a crisp, clear, and distinct images to enhance a user’s experience.

A few of their models like the focus free binoculars lets the user pick them at any time without having to focus or adjust the settings at all, which is great in a fast-paced environment where anything could happen at any moment, like at a sports event or a wildlife expedition.

The optics in their binoculars are completely coated and is cased in solid rubber which provides comfort to a user and protects the equipment in rugged outdoors.

The Point N View digital camera binoculars provide the best of both world for clear pictures and images. Not only does this binocular contain a greater quality prism, but it has function abilities of a digital camera.

The clear images that you see through these binoculars can become videos and images that can be saved, recorded, printed, or even sent to lads at a later date via the 1.5” LCD screen.

You can also avail their new digital microscope with 3.5” colour screen LCD like the Point N view binoculars.

Barska Gladiator series

Gladiator zoom binoculars have been designed to deliver deep magnification and detailed long distance view up in the sky or even on land. It comes with an adjustable magnification range, the zoom is adjustable with just a simple touch of your thumb, and the eyecups fold down for those of you who wear glasses.

Battalion military binoculars are the model of selection for rugged tactical use as they deliver superior features and performance.

The lenses O-Ring are completely sealed for waterproof shield and dry nitrogen expelled to prevent the binocular lenses from fogging up, so they can perform in all kinds of weather conditions.

There are rubber grips on them that deliver shock inhibition and comfort to the users. Certain binoculars are equipped with an internal rangefinder and a compass as well. Barska also offers an array of accessories such as grips, mounts, and tripods – grips are made of rubber, wood, and aluminium. All their binoculars are conveyed by limited period warranty.

New Zoom Gladiator Binoculars, with monopod and tripod adaptor combo, is also available at Barska’s now. New floating 7×50 binocular to the rugged Battalion military binoculars which meet the most severe viewing necessities are built to endure the harshest environments.

The gladiator series binoculars are high power zoom binoculars that are perfect for astronomical viewing or terrestrial viewing. For the techies, their unique Point N View Binocular – digital cameras combine the suitability of a binocular that has the capturing capability of a digital camera in a single sleek integrated equipment.

With Point N View you are only a click away from saving, sending, capturing, or printing any of your memorable images.

They offer a huge selection of hunting binoculars, astronomy binoculars, bird watching, and much more. From jumbo to compact there are Barska Binoculars for every search and all of them share this thing in common – Barska’s reputation for quality, new technology, and value.

Binoculars from Barska can do more than zooming

Usually, a pair of binoculars is assumed as something that is merely used for examining a far off target and zooming on a far distance object, whether that is an animal some hundred feet away or a galaxy up in the space.

That is definitely true, for sure, but Baraska is one among a few other companies that are now pairing such technological advancements within built digital cameras. This means that the far way animal or the far-off galaxy, or any other scenic panorama can be aptly captured and saved.

Also, the Bharaska’s line of Gladiator binocular has put the company squarely in the crosshairs or star watchers and incompetent astronomers who angle to see far off galaxies without any aid of extremely expensive telescope equipment. Such Barska products come with the ability to focus and zoom in on things that are quite far away than a meagre game animal, and they have become fabled amongst a lot of people who find the galaxy as appealing as a long day of the game in the field.

When sturdiness calls, Barska Binoculars retort

In addition to the Point N Shoot digital binoculars that are fortified with an inbuilt camera, and the celestial targeted Gladiator line of Binocular products, the company produces a nice looking received line of military grade products that can endure even the toughest environments. Indeed, this is what they are to do and are a perfect complement to a hard-fought, tough day.

Barska’s military-grade products are only a reminder that the company is as committed to durability as it is to optical innovation and visibility across the board. All types of customers appreciate the company’s commitment to deliver quality and reliable yet powerful products.

Barska binocular product range

Barska offers a great variety of binoculars form Naturescape Storm, Storm EX and Blackhawk binoculars that are aimed for general use – wildlife and bird watching.

To a diverse range of Marine binoculars that include the Floatmaaster and deep sea ranges. Hunters are as well catered for with their Atlantic and Huntmaster binoculars.

They also deliver a huge range of compact binoculars in both Roof and Porro prism designs as well as opera glasses, zoom binoculars, and also their Point N View digital camera binoculars.

Popular Barska binocular range

  • Barska Storm EX Binoculars
  • Blackhawk Binoculars
  • Gladiator Binoculars
  • Deep Sea Binoculars
  • Camera binoculars
  • Barska Huntmaster Binoculars
  • Barska Naturescape Binoculars

Apart from binoculars, Barska is well known for an extensive line of rifle sights, mounting accessories, and scopes as well – for crossbows, shotguns, rifles, and a handgun. Barska has you all wrapped up with a red dot sight or a rifle scope for your hunting adventure.

For tactical target shooters, the company has a huge selection of AR – 15 scopes and tactical sights. The company, however, is not only limited to just these two products there is a lot more you can get from Barska. 

Barska binoculars review 

Let us have a look at some popular Barska binoculars. This includes Barska Binoculars Review and description.


Barska Blackhawk

The binoculars are:

  • Spectacular multi-coated BAK – 4 Prisms offer bright and clear images
  • O-ring sealed, nitrogen purged to provide 100% fog proof and waterproof ideal for all weather conditions
  • Diamond coarse grip for a stable and comfortable viewing experience. Eye relief: 17.5mm; Exit pupil: 4.25 mm
  • They have shock absorbing rubber for additional non-slip grip and protection.
  • O.V – ft@1000 yds/m @1000m) 315/105, objective lens: 40-49 mm
  • Come with neck strap, lens covers, lens clothes, carrying case.

A feature of Blackhawk binoculars

  • Fully coated optics
  • Compact roof prism built
  • Completely fog proof and waterproof
  • Protective rubber armour
  • Latest diamond cut grip

These Blackhawk Barska Binoculars are waterproof, tough binoculars that have been designed for handling a huge range of outdoor events, like hiking, nature observation, and bird watching. With its compact roof prism design, these binoculars are handy enough to be effortlessly slid into a bigger pocket or small pack for easy carrying. A strong protective rubber armour with the latest added diamond cut grip that makes sure a safe grip while shielding the binoculars form tough usage.

Product description

Waterproof 8 x 42 Blackhawk Barska Binoculars come with new diamond cut grip with multi-coated optics, and compact roof prism design. They are 100% for proof and waterproof and include a neck strap and carrying case. The product is covered with a limited Barska lifetime warranty.

Barska 10×25 Binocular


It comes in stylish pink or yellow and black. And is perfect for enjoying the thrilling, action-packed view of water sporting, car races, skiing, hot air balloons. It also comes with a soft carrying case and a neck strap.


  • It has grooved centre focused dial
  • Rubber armoured exterior
  • Down fold rubber eyecups
  • Fogproof and waterproof housing
  • O-ring sealed,and nitro purged design that keeps moisture and debris off the internal optics.

Product description

Barska 10×25 compact waterproof binoculars are quite handy, have waterproof optics which can be useful for a huge range of outdoor activity in every weather condition. It has a fixed 10x magnification that is ideal for mid-range bird watching, sightseeing, and hiking. It is quite lightweight to hold steady with its fully coated optics that transmit bright crisp and clear images through the entire focus range.

The yellow/pink armoured housing helps in protecting the optics from moisture and light shock as well. Its ergonomic design and great features deliver comfortable user experience and high-quality images.

The Barska 10×25 binoculars are a pocket-sized set of optics that virtually be taken anywhere you want. Whether you are interested in bird watching, hiking, or going to sports events, the 10×25 is the best accessory for a close-up image of the event.

These are fog proof and waterproof and are lightweight built allowing for an easy on the go viewing. It comes with a moulded rubber body that delivers a comfortable and secure grip. This binocular includes a soft carrying case for transport and storage, and are as well backed by Barska’s lifetime limited warranty.

Barska 8 x 32 Binocular 


What does it come with?

  • Features 1.5” colour screen (TFT) that flips up for seeing menu choices and camera images
  • Control/menu panel to command various camera functions
  • You can expand the camera storage capacity with an optional SD memory card
  • Magnify the viewing images and capture the images with the camera
  • Record video clips
  • Hassle-free downloading of images to your computer
  • Multi-coated optics for grander clarity
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Perfect for concerts, nature exploration, sporting events, and outdoor activities.
  • Its accessories include carrying case, photo manipulation software, USB cable.

Product description

8 x 32 mm, point and view, 8 megapixels, 4x digital zoom, 1.5” LCD screen, SD card slot, integration of great quality prism binocular and a digital camera which is equally at home on an outing, vacation or sports event. Simply look via binoculars and record what you see with the digital camera.

It is that simple packed with such features that lets you watch, save, and share your special adventurous moments with family and friends.

Product specifications

  • magnification: 8x 8.0MP
  • objective lens: 32mm
  • Prism type: roof
  • exit Pupil: 4mm
  • optical coating: multicoated
  • focusing system: centre
  • O.V: 330 ft 1000 yds
  • close focus: 16.4ft
  • weight: 13.76oz
  • Accessories: USB cable, photo manipulation, software, carrying case, and lens cloth.

Barska Deep Sea 7×50


The product offers

  • Hunting optics binoculars
  • These are versatile on top of the line
  • Quality product
  • O-ring sealed for full waterproof protection
  • Dry nitrogen purged and sealed to protect moisture and fogging damage in every weather condition
  • Entirely multi-coated optics that deliver high and luminous contrast images with BAK – 4 prisms for increased clearness
  • It floats on water – no worries if you drop it into the sea
  • It comes inbuilt with an internal directional and rangefinder compass
  • The binocular features a rugged rubber armour cover that delivers secure and non-slip grip
  • They are specially designed for nautical use

Product specification

  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Prism type: Porro
  • Prism Glass: BAK-4
  • Optical coating: Fully multicoated
  • O.V 395 feet @ 1000 yards
  • Eye Relief@ 23mm
  • Focus System: Individual
  • Close focus distance: 9 feet
  • Weight: 38.8 ounces
  • Internal rangefinder and directional compass
  • Floats if dropped in water
  • O-ring sealed for comprehensive waterproof protection
  • Dry nitrogen is sealed and purged for averting moisture damage and fogging
  • Includes neck strap and carrying case
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Product description

It comes along with neck strap and carrying case. O-ring sealed for full waterproof protection. Dry nitrogen sealed and purged to avoid moisture damage, clouding, fogging. It has high-quality optics for enhanced clarity. BAK – 4 prism for crisp and clear images.

 It comprises of ergonomic and non-slip rubber design for a secure grip. It also has Shockproof and heavy-duty rubber armour. The product is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities in all-weather situations.

It has especially been designed for marine use. The deep sea series has specifically been designed for all boating and nautical enthusiasts. With 7x magnification – which is a popular size because of strong image achievable under rough sea conditions, these binoculars provide a crisp and clear view of marine observation from dusk to dawn.

Additionally, selected models include an inbuilt directional and rangefinder compass for navigation. The series also include a wide range of porro sizes and styles and seaworthy roof to match the needs of the beginner or an experienced mariner. There are even deep sea models that float!

Barska 10 – 30×50 Gladiator Zoom Binocular


These binoculars come with:

  • Powerful zoom with distinctive magnifications that are ideal for all sporting and outdoor activities
  • They have fully coated optics for sharp and crisp images.
  • They come with ruby lenses to minimise glare
  • Contains a large objective lens to maximise the light transition
  • Has an ergonomic design with rubber armour that absorbs shock
  • It includes a neck strap and a carrying case

Product description:

  • Model: AB10168
  • Magnification: 10-30x
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Prism type: Porro
  • Prism Glass  BK7
  • Optical coating: Fully multi-coated
  • O.V: 350 feet at 1,000 yards
  • Eye Relief: 15 mm
  • Focus System: Centre
  • Close focus distance @ 22 feet
  • Weight: 31.75 ounces

Product description

The product comes with a neck strap and carrying case, powerful zoom with various magnifications. It also includes quality coated optics that deliver crisp and sharp images. Large objective lens for augmented light transmission. built with shock absorbing rubber armour.

It has adaptable tripod fittings for steady views. Comes rub lenses that minimize UV glare. These are ideal for all kind of outdoor activities and sports events. Exit pupil- 5mm, Glass type:  BK7, Field of View (ft @ 1000 dys/m @ 1000 m): 195/65 @ 10x, Focus System: Center.

Limited time warranty.

This gladiator series product delivers a selection of zoom models that are perfect for long distance celestial and terrestrial viewing. Its wide variable magnification range lets the viewer target in on a subject and then magnify and zoom in to attain a closer view and see greater details.


With all those products described and stating best Barska binoculars and details of the same, we come to the verdict that Barska 10 – 30×50 Zoom Gladiator Binocular has the advantage over other products. The product offers a carrying case and also a neck strap. Except for all those accessories and other items the product boasts various features:

  • Focus system: centre
  • Field of view-@ 1000 days/m @1000 m: 195/65 @ 10x
  • Glass type: BK-7
  • Exit pupil: 5mm
  • Warranty: limited time warranty

The product has quality-coated optics which offers crisp viewing.The product comes from the Gladiator series of Barska binoculars which has a wide variable magnification range that allows the user to focus on a subject to provide a better and closer view with better crisp details. 

We hope you have enjoyed this guide on some of the Barska range, come back soon for more reviews.

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