The 4 Best Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

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The best laser rangefinder binoculars can be hard to find but we made an attempt at doing so. Our search was quite successful, as we have brought you 4 insanely good products to fill your need for laser rangefinder binoculars at the best price.

If you have been struggling to find something like this, then keep reading. Your binoculars are right within your reach.

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Who needs laser rangefinding binoculars?

In most cases, laser rangefinder binoculars are used for hunting. Such a sport requires the person to spot their target, measure the distance, aim and shoot. This might sound simple to some, but the process that goes on during spotting and measuring is everything but simple. Especially if you don’t have rangefinder binoculars, because then you have to take several pieces of equipment with you. And anyone could guess that carrying around tons of stuff while hunting is an awful idea.

But if you prefer something more peaceful, then laser rangefinder binoculars might still be a good option for you. Especially if you like to spend a lot of time outside in nature. This goes for anyone who likes hiking, wildlife watching or anything else that involves the world around you that is untouched by human hand. This is because taking a good look around ourselves can never go wrong. You might even learn a thing or two. Although in most cases, a rangefinder isn’t all that necessary, it’s still a good thing to have around or built into your binoculars because they can come in handy.

What are the buying criteria for finding the best laser rangefinder binoculars?

Let’s focus on the binocular part of the whole product. What you should look for in one mainly is the correct shape and size. If you want to use your binoculars regularly then it’s important to choose one that is comfortable and is able to fit the shape of your head. There are many kinds of binoculars when it comes to fitting someone, but it’s highly unlikely that you will find the correct one if you don’t precisely measure yourself or try them on beforehand. Using the wrong kind of binoculars can result in headaches.

You also need to make sure that they are made of durable material. In most cases, this means something rubbery with a metal base underneath. This guarantees that your binoculars don’t deform if dropped and that the coating will stay intact. Plus it helps with protecting the lenses.

Color-wise you should look for something simple. It’s highly unlikely that you will find binoculars that are very bright and colorful, but we would still like to state that you shouldn’t buy anything like that. Animals can spot them from a mile away and they will find this unusual color alarming. If you want to blend in then you should go with a matte black or camouflage.

The rangefinder part of the binoculars is a bit more complicated especially the electronics & components of the laser (we wrote about “manual” rangefinder binoculars in another post). The technology it uses can either work really precisely or awfully. This all depends on the quality of it. Cheaper laser rangefinders have a beam that diverges more than what we would like. because of this, the whole target might not register when it calculates the distance. Therefore, it won’t measure as precisely. Consider the beam divergence first before making a purchase, it can easily offset the measurements.


These are the best rangefinder binoculars in our opinion. But if you don’t believe us or don’t trust our judgment then you can take a look at the ratings on Amazon. At the time of writing this article, these binoculars have 4.5 stars, which means that they are exceptionally great. They have everything a professional hunter or wildlife watcher might need.

Firstly, it has a high visibility OLED rangefinder display. If you are not familiar with it, then let us list all the things this means. The main one being the brightness and clarity of the rangefinder’s display. You can clearly tell what the final measurement is, even in low light conditions. This is because you can adjust the intensity of the display. There are 4 levels. Besides this, it displays in increments of 0.1m/yards, which means a highly accurate result.

It also has ID technology. Incline/Decline technology, if you will. It can accurately measure the target horizontally even if it is at an 89-degree angle. This is especially good if you plan on using your rangefinder binoculars on hills or mountains.

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Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular Laser Rangefinder with Matrix Display

The next best alternatives when it comes to laser rangefinder binoculars are these. They are slightly cheaper, so if you don’t want to get the first one solely because of the price then these binoculars might be for you. They can provide everything that you need, just not as well.

The display isn’t that great, as the contrast between the image and the measurement won’t be as harsh. You can’t adjust the intensity of it either, so if you have to focus hard just to see the numbers then these laser rangefinder binoculars are not right for you. This will result in heavy eye strain which can cause vision loss in the long term. But there is also a good chance that you prefer to have a more subtle display, as these measurements can get pretty distracting if you are still in the spotting phase. This is much easier to ignore, so you can look around without any problem.

Our favorite parts are the binoculars themselves. They are made to be durable and can easily handle some roughness. So while this product might not perform as well as the one previously mentioned, it is much better if you don’t want to constantly watch how you are treating it. Because of this, we highly recommend them for military training.

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Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 10×42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

If you plan on going hunting or shooting then this is the top pick for you. These are the best rangefinding binoculars for those who want to prey on something. Each and every part of the design reflects this purpose, so you better believe that they are amazing.

First of all, it can magnify the image 10 times. This is great if you are still trying to spot an animal because you can do so from up to 1600 yards away (in the case of deer). But unlike many other binoculars, these ones don’t settle for a low or medium quality image. The coating on the roof prism enhances resolution and contrast, which means that you can see quick movements and outstanding colors more easily. Hence why hunters love them.

But there is a problem that comes up very often. Movement. It’s quite hard to keep the binoculars still sometimes, but when your target is moving around then it’s simply impossible. But worry not, these binos have an amazing feature called “Scan”. All you need to do is click the button and keep your gaze at your target. The binoculars will constantly measure and tell you the distance.

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Visionking Binoculars 8×42 Binocular for Laser Range Finder Binoculars

These binoculars are best for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on their hobby, but still want to enjoy them. With these Visionking Binoculars you can have every feature necessary for hunting and hiking, but for a lower price.

First of all, it’s not very precise. Therefore, if you need exact numbers and measurements, then you should probably spend a little bit more money so you can get the quality that you need. With these laser rangefinding binoculars, you have to account for + 1m +0.1% of error. In most cases this isn’t all that bad, but the longer the distance the bigger the error. If you are a hunter then this is a crucial amount of difference and can potentially mean not catching your prey.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the laser rangefinding aspect of these binoculars. What we are sure of is the fact that the display can’t be adjusted to your needs and that it works “fast”. You can get results within a couple of seconds, so this might just work for birdwatching.

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Best Overall: Nikon LASERFORCE RANGEFINDER Binocular
It has everything that a hunter or wildlife watcher might need. It can measure distance and while doing so it won’t hurt your eyes, or if it does then you can simply adjust the light’s intensity. It’s also completely waterproof, which means that it can withstand being dropped in a creek or river, but not even fog is an enemy when it comes to these binos. They are also very lightweight, which is why they are perfect if you don’t want to carry around a rangefinder and a binocular.

We hope that we were able to provide you with enough information and that now you can make the right choice. But remember: the perfect bino for you might not be on this list, so you need to do your own research as well.

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