Nikon 8244 ACULON A211 7×35 Review – Honest Truth

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People around the world have been stargazing for ages know, for some, it’s a tradition that has been inherited and they don’t get jaded from the enthusiasm that comes with it.

In modern society, there is a mechanism that has made it doable such as Nikon 8244 Aculon A211 7X35, Nikon Aculon.

One fact about this hobby is that Astronomy is demanding on optic lenses just like hunting.

You might find yourself having a pool of sophisticated gadgets but fail to secure or achieve your interest.

Some individuals who are well off, however, have taken the game a notch higher by acquiring sophisticated appliance like 8inch telescope. At the end of the day, they fail to get the real concept, binoculars such as A211 7×35 is pocket-friendly, they give users the thrill of the wide view, that is had to get from that big telescope. 

They are a sure bet for stargazers, for hunting purposes and nature observation. This is because the A211 7×35 binoculars are good middle ground that provides greater close up without distortion and the wide view is magnificent.


Things to consider before buying a Nikon Aculon Binocular


They use aspherical multicoated lenses and the A211 7X35 model of Aculon series has BaK4 Porro style prism lenses, this aide the binoculars from distortion.

The innovators use this technique to cut down cost and make it possible to acquire by the majority. The 7×35 might be pocket-friendly in the A211 Aculon series, but the quality is high.


The Aculon line is design for all weather, this A211 model, 7×35, is fitted with shock absorption rubber, lenses are multicoated to achieve greater versatility.

The coating in it helps more light to pass through your binoculars, to boost image quality.

They are durable, the rubber coating covers sensitive areas that might get damaged when exposed to a certain environment.


The Aculon line comes in a different range of magnification and objective, the Nikon A211 7X35 series has 7x power multicoated magnification and 35mm objective lens diameter.


The Nikon 8244 ACULON A211 7×35


The Nikon 8244 Aculon A211 7X35 binoculars are one of the most pocket-friendly in the A211 Aculon series, they are designed to be light weighing only 24.2 OZ.

They are ergonomic very excellent prolong operation that can last for many hours.


This is the perfect fit for Astronomers, nature walkers or for hunting, it has a larger field view of 488 and provides the broader picture with versatility and precisions.


Smooth central focus knob in Aculon 7×35 binoculars makes it simple to operate, you can quickly focus easily when it is launched.

The turn and slide rubber eyecups are incorporated so that you can comfortably get long extended time for viewing.


The A211 7×35 binoculars give bright and clear images, from the aspherical multicoated Eco-glass lenses-the BaK4 prism. These techniques ensure that you get the exact image even in harsh conditions.

Despite the fact that they are not expensive, they have a rubber-armored coating to prevent slip grip, and this makes them durable in the long run.




    Allow crystal clear images, has a multilayer coating


    Durable armor coating


    Aspherical lenses gives distorted free images


    Eyecups can be easily adjusted easily


    Convenient, compact size



    Not waterproof


    Not tripod adaptable

Features and benefits


The Aculon line are coming with different features, this series, the A211 7×35 boost of performance, it has the following features

Field View, lightweight design and low price


The Nikon A211 7X35 is the lightest amongst the A211 models, it weighs only 24.2 oz. It was designed to be light thus making it easy and healthy to carry or use.

Its price range is quite low if you compare it with other Aculon binoculars, but the versatility is the developer’s topmost priority.

This is one of the Astronomers best gadgets, with a field view of 488, one can gather more information with it, unlike other models whose primary objective is to focus on a single area.

Aspherical Multicoated Lenses


The Aculon A211 binoculars series are mounted with Aspherical Multicoated-Eco-Glass Lenses, this triad technology delivers versatility in different modes.

The aspherical eyepiece lenses are the one responsible for delivering flat field view.

The multicoating, on the other hand, enhance image brightness irrespective of weather condition, without affecting the quality.

Lastly, the Nikon Eco-Glass lenses, this ensures that your binoculars achieve clarity and precision in a lighter weight.

The innovators also ensure that the glass is free from lead and arsenic.

Turn and slide rubber eyecups


Well, if you see someone with the binoculars, just know that he/she is not just going to have some one minute show. This always involves hours or even a day, it’s like you have gone there to study something.

This long observation with binoculars can sometimes be tiresome.

The Nikon A211 7×35 was designed with turn and slide rubber eyecups to aide easy positioning of eyes at the correct eye point. This allows you to have comfortable viewing for an extended period.

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Stargazing has been one of the phenomenal being practice to date, the enthusiasm does not stop there, we have hunting, nature walks, and general observations.

All this events or activities cannot be satisfied by our naked eyes, they cannot zoom to get the real picture.

Some people have gone overboard and spend lots of money, buying a sophisticated and expensive gadget to achieve the result.

Nikon 8244 A211 7×35 Aculon binoculars are less expensive but deliver versatility, gives a wide view of images and come in aspherical multicoated-Eco-glass to overtake rivals gigantic telescope.

It tops amongst the lightest binoculars in Aculon series and gives elegant performance when compared to higher priced binos.

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