Nikon 8249 ACULON A211 12×50

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Nikon 8249-Aculon-A211 12×50 is a wakeup call in the Nikon Aculon line.

The model answers some of the techniques that the earlier models overlooked, they have a smooth central focus knob,50mm objective lens and can be magnified 12x.

That did not limit manufacturers from including the aspherical multicoated lenses that enable the Nikon-A211 12×50 to perform exceptionally.

In the modern world, most binoculars are a multi-purpose gadget that guarantees you the enthusiasm in your endeavours. There’s one tool that can bridge the gap and bring you the enthusiasm the way you want it, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best. 

That is why in this review I have the decided to shed light on one particular binocular.

If you love bird watching, arena sports, Astronomy, nature observation or even hiking then it’s time to know your binoculars in detail and how it achieves the versatility.

A lot of people do miss the point and find themselves not achieving the thrill, for instance when watching birds or on the Astronomical expedition, you require binoculars that will remit incontestable versatility. 

Things to consider before buying Nikon Aculon A211


One of the stellar innovations that the Nikon Aculon models have to maintain is the versatility and its ability to provide clarity and precision. 

The A211 model Nikon 8249-ACULON-A211 12×50 is following the suit of its sister series offering elegance performance, this is seen from sleek features like the rubber coating that prevents shock, and it prevents damages to make it durable.

The designers knew it was an outdoor small machine that everyone who uses it will be operating in multiple weather conditions; they emphasize more functionality and its ability to endure grinding weather.

Nikon 8249-A211 12X50 binoculars model, are fitted with BaK4 -Porro prism lenses, as you may know the A211 Aculon line has the Porro prism system, for high quality under multiple light exposures.

This enables them to be the best dawn to dusk binoculars.

The A211 Nikon series offers superb optical execution that is pocket-friendly.

The price range is within reach for most people, the value they offer for that price is marvellous, and the ergonomic lightweight design is a clear indication that Nikon is dedicated to having people achieve their viewing goals.

When it comes to visual advancement, the A211 uses the aspherical lens, this provides extreme clarity and precision.

Outdoor events involve a lot of rubbing and movement that can that can shorten the lifespan of your binoculars, the Nikon 8249 A211 is durable as they are fitted with a rubber armor coating to make them last.


Nikon 8249 ACULON A211 12×50 – The review


The A211 12X50 binoculars are one of the Aculon line models with excellent ergonomics and versatility.

It is light and was design to give enthusiasm long duration.

They have turned and slide rubber eyecups that are healthy on its users, it allows comfortable viewing during the extended periods of using the binocular.

Its performance was the core factor for its production, it comes with aspherical multicoated-Eco-Glass lenses that guarantee clarity and precision.

This binocular is one of the easiest to operate, smooth central focus knob makes it easy to find focus and clarity.

In my opinion users are guaranteed that the value of their money will not be short lived, the binocular has a rubber-armored coating, and they are waterproof which a plus is for many. 

The Bak4 Porro prism system ensures that these binoculars deliver high-quality image under different lighting exposure, one of the best dawn till dusk binoculars you can catch the action of birds at sunrise to evening asteroids.




    They’re fully multicoated optics capitalizing on the third aspherical multicoated-Eco-Glass lenses




    Comfortable for long periods of use


    Water proof 


    Fog resistant


    Light Weight



    Smaller exit pupil compared to the 10×25


    Not tripod adaptable


    Not pocket-friendly compared to the 7×35 series

Features and benefits


Rubber eyecups

We have talked about the turn and slide rubber eyecups when introducing the Nikon 8249-Aculon-A211 12×50 model.

Well, this rubber eyecup facilitates easy positioning of eyes at the correct eye point when on a mission to capture your greatest moment.

One fact about them, they can enable you to have a comfortable viewing for a longer period of use.


Focus knob

The innovators knew that you will have some breaks in between viewing, the smooth central focus knob comes installed to allow for quick viewing.

Its position is centrally located with great design.



This Nikon Aculon A211 line comes in triple design technology for its lens perfection; it has Aspherical Multicoated-Eco-Glass Lenses.

This is to ensure that many users can afford high-quality binoculars without digging deep into their pockets.

The three techniques deliver their exceptional work in this format.

Aspherical eyepiece lenses give a flat field eye view; Multicoating boost image brightens even in low lighting environment and finally, the Eco-Glass lenses offer elegance in clarity and precision.

Another factor that the developers didn’t ignore is lead and arsenic free lenses glass.


Rubber Armored Coating

You are only sure of the value of your money if the product last, the Nikon-A211 12×50 is built to last with the durable rubber-armored coating.

They are survivors, can be used in any environment –good in all weather.


Ergonomic, lightweight

The Nikon designers always had their users in mind, they knew bird watching or any outdoor activities is not an hour event.

The Aculon A211 12X50 comes in Ergonomic, Lightweight body design, to assure the user comfortable and steady action for a very long period.

You can maneuver with it anywhere easily just the way you do with your iPhone or tablet.


Social proof


After spending some time on technical terms and how the binocular operates, let’s see what the masses say:



Sometimes it is good to be alone somewhere and see what nature has to offer you.

We all know that our eyes are limited to a certain range. That is why Nikon company is working all day long to improve on the binoculars innovated to help man get the action closer.

One of the Aculon A211 line binoculars Nikon 8249-Aculon-12X50 is proving to go beyond limits, its waterproof, uses the third technology Aspherical multicoated-Eco-glass lenses for more versatility, clarity, precision and many others that we have discussed above.

Overall great purchase for the price as I as well as others are impressed by this piece.

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