Nikon 8250 ACULON A211 16×50 Review

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Nikon 8250-Aculon-A211 16×50 is one of the binoculars that comes with authority when it comes to performance, they have the perfect features that assure its users the zeal he/she wants to catch.

These binoculars, the Nikon Aculon line was meant to cure the curiosity of bird watching, hunting or sports events.

We have assembled all facts about Nikon 8250-Aculon A211, this will enable you to distinguish its capabilities and where you can expect it to perform the best.

Bird watching is an ideal past time hobby for many people around the world. 

In the US, more than 45 million are believed to have been watching birds around their homes or away from their homes, that is, according to a preliminary survey by National survey on fishing, hunting, and wildlife.

This enthusiasm can sometimes be missed by having the wrong gadget that is flooding the market currently.

Sometimes you can be confused on which magnification to go for or failed to get the multi-layer coated lenses that will give you brighter images and color.

Having some knowledge of optics can save you a great deal. For instance, you might want to get a closerlook at Lady Gouldian Finch (a type of bird) you have just sported.

It is paramount to go for sporty binoculars that will give you the enthusiasm as you relax.

Things to consider before buying a Nikon Aculon Binocular

The ACULON-A211 binoculars come as a reprieve for those seeking excitement in the field of birdwatching, good for nature observation or even hiking. 

The design majorly emphasizes outdoor activities.

The designers of NIKON 8250-Aculon A211 added some additional features on this binocular, unlike its sister series, this Nikon Aculon binocular support tripod, yes, it can be fixed to a tripod.

It has adapter known as TR-2, which is one of the supplied accessories in this line both ACULON 16X50 AND 10-22X50.

These binoculars are designed in Baritleichkron (BaK) 4 PORRO PRISM, this glass delivers clarity and high-quality image even under multiple lighting conditions.

People always complain of images getting distorted when they are on a mission, this series has come to eliminate such predicament, it has aspherical eyepiece lens.

Talking about versatility, the name ACULON was delivered by developers because the product promise to deliver accurate combine with precision.

It is a combination of terms-accuracy and precision.

Nikon 8250-ACULON-A211 16×50 – Review Time

The Nikon 8250 is one of the Aculon lines and one of the binoculars that delivers a high-quality image in a swam of the environment. 

These binoculars come with aspherical multicoated-Eco-glass lenses, it’s free from lead and arsenic.

It offers high-quality image under a host of lighting conditions, this is through its Bak4 Porro-prism systems with rubber coating housing, the rubber coating ensures that it last longer.

This makes it deliver exceptional work all around the clock-dawn till dusk and has been voted as one of the best that delivers in sporting events, nature observation, leisure travel or even hunting.

The Aculon-A211 16X50 is one of the largest in the A211 series, we also have sister binoculars from the same series with less magnification.

Those models include:

7×35 series that has magnification of 7x

8×42 magnification of 8x 

10×42 with magnification of 10x

7×50 model with magnification of 7x

10×50 magnification of 10x 

The one we are reviewing has an objective lens of 50 and a magnification of 16x.

If you compare the Aculon-A211 16×50 with its sister line, it weighs 32.6 Oz which is 10oz heavier than the Aculon-A211 7×35 model.

But in the overall deal, it’s lightweight.




    Image clarity is great


    come with-a tripod adapter


    Easy to-use and carry


    An affordable choice for high power binoculars



    The packaging has been done nicely but its small and one has to stuff the binoculars in there to close it well


    These binoculars have eyepiece covers which are big and sometimes fall off the eyepieces.


    Magnification is not large compared to the zoom Aculon model, good for birdwatching.

Features and Benefits


The Eco-Glass lenses


Well, we all know that lens determines the quality of an image in any gadget that is focusing on capturing an event, materials or any objects.

The technique that is currently playing in this field is that the wider the objective lens the more light that your binoculars will have to take, this helps in improving the image-brightness.


Nikon 8250-Aculon A211 is more advance, it comes with the aspherical multicoated-Eco-Glass lens.

This Aspherical eyepiece new technology helps it gives elegance flat field-of view.

They did not stop there, they have encompassed lens multicoating in it, to boost brightness.

The Eco-glass, on the other hand, fulfills the vision of Aculon, clarity, and precision that is coming from a free lead & arsenic free glass.

The Nikon Aculon 16×50 gives its users the best value for their money, the great triple optical technology, aspherical multicoated-Eco-glass lenses.


Rubber Eyecups


For the A211 16X50 series, it accelerates easy positioning of your eyes at-the correct eyepoint.

This can give you the opportunity to enjoy the enthusiasm for longer period comfortably with the turn and slide rubber eyecups.

Do you know that you can use binoculars with regular eyeglasses safely? 

Well, you know what! If you are steadfast that you want to use your eyeglasses when operating the binoculars, what you need know first of all is the maximum amount of eye relief always specified under the product description.

On the fact that is always represented here is, your glasses sitting in between your face plus the binocular, this, however, increases the distance between the binocular lenses and your eye.

So, if you want to be in the best position you should go for binoculars with high eye relief, like 17, 18 or 21mm, some people are satisfied with an eye relief of 14 to 15mm.


Body design


From my experience sometimes it is tiresome to hold on to binoculars with some weight to them at a given height for long period.

The Aculon-A211 16×50 binoculars are designed with excellent ergonomics.

Desptite of all the versatility and unique features it incorporates is light in weighting.

They had a user in mind when designing it, they knew birdwatching is not an hour event, with Aculon A211 you can have comfort throughout the day.


Social proof


Elon Musk ’s spaceship will finally take the man to mars for the first time, we all will be fervid to catch a glimpse at their pictures, videos, and encounter.

Well, today I have managed to have few individuals who got the opportunity experience the versatility of Nikon 8250 Aculon-A211 16X50.

One fact I notice about them is that this binocular enables them to reach the results they were looking for.



Bird watching is a great outdoor activity that is practiced worldwide, hunting and nature observation is a tradition to others.

Each of this activities has the verve that always drives one to participate.

In the past, there was limited knowledge of optics and the best places to find one gadget with the right optics.

This prompted a lot of people to get lost in the wilderness. They bought huge sophisticated telescope but ended up with a huge burden, they are bulky and still don’t offer great focus.

Nikon comes with A211 16X50 binoculars, it is compact, lightweight and easy to focus binoculars to charge your thrill at a fair price.

They deploy new techniques like aspherical multicoating-Eco-glass lenses which is a great value for this price.

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